Zelda Bradshaw

Zelda Bradshaw Kinesiologist
PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Somerset West
PHONE: 083 279 9619
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
N.O.T. Practitioner

After graduating (B.Comm. Stell) and practising as an accountant for ten years, I came to realise that I was destined for higher spiritual service and followed this instinct into a fulfilling life as an intuitive energy therapist.
My journey into Applied Kinesiology started in 1999, when I became a student of Dr Isa Lindwall DC from U.S.A. who was trained in Applied Kinesiology by Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology. During his future visits to South Africa I had the privilege to facilitate on his workshops and seven-day retreats. On 28 October 2001, he asked me to be a Lindwall releasing teacher. I was one of the organisers of his last tour in 2006 to South Africa. In 2007 I registered as a Specialised Kinesiologist and in 2010 I also became an internationally qualified Neural Organization Technique practitioner.
People have been a lifelong interest of mine. My work as an accountant gave me the balance and the insight into how people manage their energy and how it impacts their health and life. During my years as an accountant, I started my quest for knowledge of the healing of the human body and spirit. This led me to becoming a qualified yoga teacher with the Sir Paul Duke School of Yoga with membership to the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa. I qualified as a Reiki Master in 1999 and have been teaching and initiating students into Reiki since then.
When teaching I present the training in a practical and insightful way. It is important to understand life, your own action or reaction to it and to acquire the necessary skills and tools to create a more joyous and peaceful life. I strive for that in my training.
My personal journey has greatly benefited from my therapy. Striving for neutrality is of great importance to me, as it is from a neutral space one can make the best choices for living. Joy is the ultimate state of being I strive for.