What is Kinesiology

The philosophy behind kinesiology is that human beings (much like everything else in nature) are created as perfect, interconnected systems. We are designed to live in homeostasis – a perfect balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit – fully equipped for the things we want to achieve in life.

However, sometimes we find ourselves in distress, whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally. This is our body’s way of indicating that we are “off track”, not living to our full potential, or not coping in one or more areas of our life. Kinesiology offers a very powerful means to re-balance ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically – by allowing us to go all the way back and start by correcting the underlying cause or issues that have resulted in dis-ease, rather than simply treating or suppressing the symptoms.

Kinesiology as we know it today was originally developed by the American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart in the 1960’s to enhance and improve the quality of his treatments. Since then it has evolved into many different branches, all based on the scientific, neurological workings of the body.