Anatomy and Physiology

A proper grounding in Anatomy and Physiology is essential to any professional kinesiology practice, which is why it is mandatory to complete a recognised course. There are approved correspondence courses available (including the ICPKP Anatomy & Physiology course), and if you already have an A&P qualification, you may submit your certificates to ASKSA for accreditation.

The Anatomy and Physiology course for Kinesiologists has been specifically developed for our profession by Gudrun Lauterbach, from Kinesiology Centre Natal. Beyond extensive coverage of conventional Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology topics, attention is also given to the metaphysical interpretation of illness and also the interrelationship between the various organ systems in the body.

The course is factual and of a very high standard but is also real, alive, interesting and fascinating – after all, we express who we are with and through our bodies!

Physical workshop attendance is over five weekends throughout the year, plus theory homework, a written and practical exam, and a thesis, which can be handed in after the exam. Each student will receive a manual at the beginning of the course that covers all the organ systems that we will be covering. The manual is, however, just a skeleton and each student will be required to purchase an Anatomy and Physiology book for themselves.