Zoe Jewell

Zoe Jewell Kinesiologist
AREA: Saxonwold, JHB
PHONE: 0834415188
Specialised Kinesiologist

I have always loved the human body: the way it moves through space; the muscles and all the miracles that happen on the inside … from hormones to heartbeats to digestion and the life-giving breath.  Combine this with the conscious and unconscious mind and the way we communicate both verbally and non-verbally, our social setting, ethnicities and upbringings and we are in for rich tapestry of colour … or a tangle of confusion, dis-ease and more.

Kinesiology, has been a tool that has helped me shift in my own healing journey, where talk therapy, pharmaceutical drugs and many labels did not.  I got to the stage where I didn’t want to talk anymore and wanted to move on.  No prescribed pill could deal with my “ills”, so I tried various alternative healings, kinesiology being a large component, and the tetris blocks of my life changed.  The shift happened slowly, but I gradually realised how my life had altered for the better.

As a mother, a daughter, a wife, and as a woman, I have walked a journey that many other women walk from joy to grief and all that happens in-between.  It is through being challenged to stand up and face my own fears and be brave, that I hope to help others do the same.  I utilise my training in communication, psychology and my fascination with the human body and combine it with a love of life and learning when I work with clients.