Ushma Mistry

Ushma Mistry Kinesiologist
AREA: Bassonia / Mulbarton, JHB South
PHONE: 011 432 8675 | 083 341 1166 (a/h)
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
N.O.T. Practitioner
Ushma has a deep passion for empowering people, especially with regards to their health and wellbeing. She stumbled upon Kinesiology whilst studying Fitness & Nutrition in 1998. Since then, she has studied every available kinesiology course namely; Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology Provider, Brain Gym, Neuro-Training and N.O.T. Practitioner. With over a 1000 hours behind her, she continues her professional development by attending updates and advance courses to keep up with new developments and changes in kinesiology. Amongst this she holds a diploma in Fitness & Nutrition, is a qualified Pharmacist’s Assistant (SA Pharmacy Council), and a Reiki Master. Coupled with her interest in energy healing, she has assisted many clients from young children to adults to lead better, more fulfilling lives. “For me, Kinesiology is the ultimate way to ‘upgrade’ our health and wellbeing. It makes perfect sense to do so, especially since we tend to upgrade our phones, computers and cars, to make our lives a little easier.”