Theresa Soares

Theresa Soares Kinesiologist
PROVINCE: Mpumalanga
AREA: Nelspruit
PHONE: 082 558 9204
Active Kinesiologist
I believe that we are holistic beings by nature; you have a body, mind, emotions, spirit and energy system. When these systems are aligned – healing and wellness occurs. Kinesiology is like a language and it communicates directly with our body through muscle monitoring and testing techniques, that are both non-invasive and gentle. Through this process we will be able to identify imbalances and issues, once this has been established through muscle testing I will then find the appropriate remedy to facilitate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The remedy can range from an attitude change, stress release, nutritional support, aromatherapy, flower essence, specific massage or a combination of things and is completely unique to each client. Kinesiology promotes enhancement of your whole being. You can be balanced to personal goals and aspirations to any aspect of your life if this resonates with your inner being. “When a person is in balance, they are able to live their truth, be their soul self, be happy and content and the whole universe will be in alignment with them”