Shelley Seymour

Shelley Seymour Kinesiologist
AREA: Brighton, UK
Active Kinesiologist

Each of us has experienced stress, tension, and trauma in our lives. Over time this is compounded and starts to manifest in a variety of ways, including deep muscular tension patterns, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep difficulties, depression, gut issues, allergies, illness, and disease.

During our sessions, we work together to facilitate the body’s natural ability to resolve these issues, restore homeostasis and increase energy and vitality. By using a combination of modalities and corrections, including Kinesiology, Neuro-Gastro-Enterology, Emmett Technique and Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, more safety is introduced into the nervous system, coherence to the heart and brain is restored and the gut is more regulated, all of which contributes to feeling grounded, calm, and an improved sense of well-being.

Only virtual sessions available. 

“Trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you.” Dr Gabor Maté