Melanie Bennett

Melanie Bennett Kinesiologist
PROVINCE: KwaZulu-Natal
AREA: Westville North
PHONE: 0834611410
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
Specialised Kinesiology Instructor

I first ‘discovered’ kinesiology in 1992. After a seemingly harmless phone call one evening, I awoke the following day, covered in eczema! I found Harold Bliss (a Specialised Kinesiologist)  who explained that it was Emotional Trauma in present time.
He went on to explain that the front of your body represented present time, the left side represented the female aspects, the right side represented the male aspects, and the back represented the past.
I was hooked!!
Harold taught me the foundation of kinesiology – Touch For Health.

Since then, I have been extremely grateful to keep studying different types of kinesiology, run a clinic and run a Specialised Kinesiology Training Centre.
I have been a member of our Association from it’s outset, and will continue to learn and share what I have experienced.