Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell Kinesiologist
PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Claremont, Cape Town
PHONE: 021 671 8021 | 072 194 2050
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
During my global travels in the early 1980’s , I first discovered and expierienced Kinesiology as the most effective system for correcting the ongoing agony in my lower back . So impressed, I undertook my first Touch For Health training in Auckland N.Z. in 1988 . I returned to Australasia the following year to complete Instructor Training Workshop for TFH in Darwin and then PHP1,2 &3 in Bali. In 1991 , we held the first ITW for TFH in Cape Town and shortly thereafter I was elected as Founder President at the Inaugural Meeting of ASKSA . That gave me enough to work with for quite a while . Nowadays , I have focused more on integrating the myriad of various different Kinesiology modalities that I learnt , i.e. TFH ,PKP ,Three-in One, ABK, HypertonX, Advanced Kinesiology Techniques and more that I learnt on conferences , into an Wholistic approach that can also help others to regain their equilibrium and balance in terms of the Triad of Health and so reach their full potential for joyful , energetic Life.