AREA: Sunninghill
PHONE: 083 662 2273
Specialised Kinesiologist
I was introduced to Kinesiology 25 years ago when I went for a session as a teenager and was amazed at the difference I felt afterwards. My own healing journey started12 years ago when I was drawn to understanding how the body can heal itself, the energy pathways in the body, and the emotional connection to illness. I have studied this in various forms over the years. This includes colour therapy, flower and gem essence therapy, aromatherapy and nutrition. I have also been a Reiki Master since 2008. This, in particular, taught me about the effects of energy on the body. In 2013, I decided to study kinesiology because of my long-term interest in it, and I felt that the time was right. This has been the most incredible journey and I have been truly enriched as I have studied each of the different kinesiology protocols. I have felt dramatic shifts in my own life and I love that the neurology of a person retains everything about that person and the root cause of an issue can be reached quickly and accurately with muscle monitoring. The self-healing that is activated by kinesiology has been incredible to watch. I have seen people transform in so many ways – physically and emotionally. The underlying principles, of the body having the innate ability to heal itself, the energy systems in our bodies being key to unlocking self-healing, and that illness is predominantly caused by emotional patterns and behaviors has shown itself to me repeatedly. When further balancing is done on a person, the next ‘layer’ is revealed and the neurological adjustments that have taken place from the previous session are clear. It is amazing that no two balances are ever the same – every person is unique – and that kinesiology truly embraces the concept of holistic healing rather than focusing on one part of the body. The combination of science and Eastern healing philosophies meet so perfectly in kinesiology, and I feel privileged to be able to facilitate this.