Jessica Steenekamp

Jessica Steenekamp kinesiologist
AREA: Linden, Johannesburg
PHONE: 0799570501
Active Kinesiologist

The world is in need of a new paradigm from which to approach health & dis-ease.

My journey into Kinesiology started in 2019. I was 30 at the time and feeling stuck and purposeless. The more sessions I went for, the more I built my self-trust. I wasn’t reacting in the same ways anymore and I felt more rooted, grounded and assured in my decisions than ever before.

I’ve seen firsthand how important this work is, in getting us back to who we are meant to be, by removing the layers of self-doubt and patterns of behavior that are no longer helpful or supportive.

Our body innately knows how to heal itself, it just needs to be shown how in a way that it understands.

The body’s intelligence can be an untapped resource of wisdom, and Kinesiology draws on this wisdom to bring us back into balance.