Dorita Redelinghuys

PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Stellenbosch
PHONE: 076 422 8323
Specialised Kinesiologist
Dorita is a B.Sc graduate in Sport Science (Stell) with over 15 years practical experience as a kinesiologist. She discovered Kinesiology through her career as a professional athlete, which gave her a deep understanding of the bio mechanics and movement of the body. Through a personal journey she developed a deep intuition and expertise in tapping into the unseen realms of energy fields in the body and the imprint it creates on a body level. With the purpose to create a personalised and deeper connection with yourself, she developed and created a vibrational skincare range, Skinesiology skincare. She loves the outdoors, her Airedale terrier and jumping into the sea, on any given day, with her family.