Cleo Drummond

Cleo Drummond Kinesiologist
AREA: Linden, Johannesburg
PHONE: 0823436130
Active Kinesiologist

I have always had a burning desire to find a vocation where I could assist in helping people feel better within their bodies and within their lives. Through years of practicing Therapeutic Massage, I began to see so clearly how if an individual was in a good mental headspace, often their body’s felt less pain on a physical level. However, if one was in physical pain, often their emotional states would be disrupted and off-balance.

Specialized Kinesiology encompasses all the elements that make us whole. In one treatment you can access the mental, emotional, physical and energetic elements that make us whole, and aid in defusing trauma and patterns that no longer serve us, opening up a whole new world to the individual who is willing and ready to live their best life.  It can help identify where one may be blocked, in pain and needing help. It has most certainly changed my life completely.

Practicing Kinesiology has enabled me to assist individuals on a deeper level of their life’s journey. Being able to empower them to find what blockages and distress they are storing in their own neurology, and to then be able to defuse that stress as gently, efficiently, and appropriately as possible, to what each specific individual needs for their own unique makeup. This has been the most wonderful and humbling experience, which I am grateful to be able to aid in.