Brenda Mc Fie

Brenda Mc Fie Kinesiologist
PROVINCE: KwaZulu-Natal
AREA: Nottingham Road
PHONE: 082 5682326
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
Specialised Kinesiology Instructor
Brenda started her Kinesiology career in1998 with the programmes Three in One Concepts, Touch For Health and Tibetan Energy thereafter moving on to Neuro Training and NOT. Amongst other workshops completed by Brenda in the Kinesiology field are all the BioKinetics workshops including the Basics with Harold Bliss, Structural, (Elka Henson) and Nutritional and PsychoBioKinetics with Greg Gralton. Also completed are Gudrun Lauterbach’s Emotional Kinesiology and Aesthetic Kinesiology, which she attended in Italy. Brenda is in the process of developing a branch of Kinesiology called ‘Metaphysical Kinesiology™’ and will be teaching her programme next year together with the following workshops of which she is already an Instructor.