Berneen Eigner

PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Walmer Estate, Cape Town
PHONE: 079 514 7257
Specialised Kinesiologist

Berneen Eigner began her career in health and wellness in 2000, focusing initially on practices within the beauty industry. While working internationally she was exposed to, and became passionate about, body work therapies. Working on yachts as a personal masseuse, she was requested to research pre-natal care – and this led to 9 years specialising in pre- and post-natal care massage as well as doula services.
Over the past 20 years, she has mastered being able to hold space for people undergoing incredible shifts; such as the tumultuous journey into motherhood. She has also mastered a number of modalities: auricular acupuncture, SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System), Deep Tissue & Sports Massage, Ashiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang. She is currently qualifying in N.O.T (Neural Organisation Technique).
Berneen came to Specialised Kinesiology (SK) through treatment for her own personal injury. Immediately, she recognised that it (SK) would enable her to harness all her skills and modalities to support people addressing physical ailments, mental wellbeing, hormonal balancing and spiritual development.
She fervently believes (and has witnessed) that through Specialised Kinesiology, the human body’s innate intelligence and healing abilities can be activated; and that with patience, any ideal or goal can be realised.
“People deserve to find their own flow of moving through life and to tap into their resilience to deal with whatever comes their way with ease.
“Life isn’t easy but how we adapt to it can be easier if we aren’t reacting to unresolved stressors that are stored in the body and mind. Specialised Kinesiology sessions aim to determine the misalignment and show the body better neurological options. This paves the way to restored energy, fresh perspectives on life in general, and provides valuable lessons.
“I pride myself in being able to relate to and empathise with people and their plights, and enjoy helping them find their way home – back to themselves, to wholeness, to being able to cope appropriately, to learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, limitations or blockages, and to manage themselves.
If you’re looking for a trained and skilled “spiritual gangster” who has the tools to cut through the fog and noise, and tell you like it is, then give her a call… “