Bernadette Carmody

Bernadette Carmody Kinesiologist
PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Tokai
PHONE: 083 445 0578
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

My name is Bernadette Carmody, but most people just call me Bernie or Bern.

I am a Psychology and Sociology major with a post grad in Advertising and Brand Management.

I spent time working for Conde Nast and Marks and Spencer in London.

But after marrying and having children, I fell curiously in love with kinesiology.

It was one of my two boys that really began this change of course as he is type 1 diabetic and celiac.

We have lived through many years of sleep deprivation and health challenges, but without kinesiology we would have found it all far more challenging.

Kinesiology helped us to find a way forward that was easy, nurturing and supportive.