AREA: Vaal Triangle, Johannesburg South
PHONE: 0727568207
Specialised Kinesiologist
The holistic healing art of kinesiology came into my life as part of my own self-healing journey. I soon realised how powerful this work was after working with people and seeing the resulting changes in their lives. As an animal lover and mother to many fur babies, I’m absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to follow my passion and higher calling to work with animals and their owners. I’ve always had a passion and immense love and connection with animals. As I became more involved with animal shelters, and assisting in rescuing and fostering lost and/or abused/neglected animals, I saw the need to help animals with their healing journey. I utilise two aspects in my work, one being animal communication and the other my skills as a Specialised Kinesiologist to assist in the healing process. My aim is to restore balance through healing and to enhance understanding, thus creating a deeper bond & connection between humans and animals.