Anna Prinsloo

Anna Prinsloo Kinesiologist
PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Constantia
PHONE: 0723804830
Specialised Kinesiologist
Anna qualified as a physiotherapist in 2002 from UCT (Cum Laude). Since then she has continued to study various philosophies and approaches to health care. Anna is a certified orthopaedic manual therapist, sports physiotherapist and kinesiologist. She has served on the committee for the Western Cape Sports Physiotherapy Group and has assisted with under-graduate training of physiotherapists at the University of Cape Town. Anna is on the committee for the Western Cape Advanced neuromusculoskeletal course. She has also studied various techniques of myofascial release, wedging (for shoes), dry needling, Dorn spinal alignment, various kinesiology approaches, manual bodywork and inner process work. Anna has a certification in non-medical hypnosis and a diploma in regression therapy. She has also completed a two year international certification in metaphysical healing with distinction. Anna works on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) during a balance to ensure the core issue is addressed. Her practice is strongly based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, and works directly with the meridian systems and acupressure points in the body. She uses kinesiology (muscle testing) as a tool to tap into the innate intelligence of the bio-energetic system. This ensures the work done is prioritized and maximally effective. Fortunately the neuroplasticity of the brain allows for radical shifts in how we perceive, process and relate to ourselves and to our environment.