Ushma Mistry

Ushma Mistry Kinesiologist


AREA: Bassonia / Mulbarton, JHB South

PHONE: 011 432 8675 (o/h) / 083 341 1166 (a/h)
Touch for Health
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
Neural Organisation Technique Practitioner
Having studied Fitness and Nutrition, and qualified as a Pharmacist’s Assistant, she found that something still ‘lacked’ and thus her career in Kinesiology began. Since then she has never turned back. She has been in the field of Kinesiology for 15 years now and has studied the following schools of Kinesiology; Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology Provider, Neuro-Training, Neural Organization Techniques and Kinesiology Centre Natal, and is a qualified Instructor for Touch for Health and Neuro-Training, (ASONT, PofR).