PROVINCE: KwaZulu-Natal

AREA: Wartburg

PHONE: 033 940 0074 (office hours)
Emotional Kinesiology
Neural Organisation Technique Advanced
Neural Organisation Technique Professional
Neuro-Training Basic
Neuro-Training Advanced
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
Specialised Kinesiology Instructor
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
Gudrun Lauterbach – has a BA Degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa. She also has qualifications in International Financial Management, Adult Training from the University of South Africa, and is an internationally recognised teaching facilitator for various branches of Specialised Kinesiology. Gudrun has been teaching Specialised Kinesiology courses and workshops for the past 17 years, is a teaching facilitator and Executive Committee Member (Africa) for Neuro-Training (Pty) Ltd She is a Director of N.O.T International Practitioners and is the advanced instructor for Neural Organisation Technique in South Africa as well as being sponsor for international lecturers – Andrew Verity from Australia, founder of Neuro-Training (Pty) Ltd, Kyra Gaasbeek from the Netherlands and Evelyne Rupp of Germany. Gudrun has run her own centre for Specialised Kinesiology for the past 18 years. She continues expanding her knowledge and expertise by updating and following new workshops on as regular a basis as possible.