Brenda Mc Fie Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Brenda Mc Fie

Nottingham Road

Phone: 082 5682326



  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Brenda started her Kinesiology career in1998 with the programmes Three in One Concepts, Touch For Health and Tibetan Energy thereafter moving on to Neuro Training and NOT.

Amongst other workshops completed by Brenda in the Kinesiology field are all the BioKinetics workshops including the Basics with Harold Bliss, Structural, (Elka Henson) and Nutritional and PsychoBioKinetics with Greg Gralton. Also completed are Gudrun Lauterbach’s Emotional Kinesiology and Aesthetic Kinesiology, which she attended in Italy.

Brenda is in the process of developing a branch of Kinesiology called ‘Metaphysical Kinesiology™’ and will be teaching her programme next year together with the following workshops of which she is already an Instructor.

Courtney Bone Active Kinesiologist

Courtney Bone


Cell: 071 355 5051



  • Active Kinesiologist

Courtney Marie Bone was born and raised in Zimbabwe up until the age of 12, where-after, her family moved to South Africa and resided in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. This allowed Courtney to finish her schooling in South Africa. After school, Courtney studied and received cum laude for Honours in Psychology at UKZN.


After experiencing severe anxiety for many years, Courtney found Reiki Healing and Kinesiology, which led to an important turn-around in her self-awareness, at the age of 21. These experiences ignited her passion for healing and helping others.


Courtney integrates her Psychology background with the various healing modalities, such as Specialised Kinesiology & Reiki Healing,  to assist with recuperation, and support change. She uses other tools, which include YogaGuided Meditation  & Numerology Readings. This creates clarity and focus for the client to choose / create different responses. She is based in Westville, Durban.

Gudrun Lauterbach Professional Kinesiologist

Gudrun Lauterbach


Phone: 033 940 0074 (office hours)



  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
  • Specialised Kinesiology Instructor

I was introduced to kinesiology in the late eighties by my sister, a homeopath. Even though I, at that stage, did not know it, this discipline was to not only become my career, but my passion!

My background consists of a Degree in Psychology (UNISA), Diploma in International Financial Management, (Damelin) and a Diploma in Adult Training from UNISA amongst other qualifications.

When I started studying kinesiology, available here in South Africa was only Touch for Health and the PKP courses.

I enquired overseas regarding further training and expanded my studies and qualifications in the Netherlands.

I became a Touch for Health Instructor in February of 1993, and a Three-­‐in-­‐One Concepts Instructor in July of that same year. My training continued and over the years I became an Instructor for Neuro-­‐Training (Pty) Ltd (originally Educating Alternatives) and also, in 2001 for Neural Organization Technique.

I am currently a Board Member for Neural Organization Technique International and Representative for Africa for Neuro-­‐Training (Pty)Ltd.

As the years passed and more and more Kinesiologists were trained and available for clinic purposes, I reduced my workload, and I now focus, work-­‐wise, exclusively on training in this field.

Kate North Active Specialised Kinesiologist

Kate North

United Kingdom – Keyworth, Nottingham

Phone: 082 650 5538



  • Specialised Kinesiologist

Catherine started her health career by studying Occupational Therapy at UCT, and later, Holistic Massage through the SA College of Complementary Therapies, before studying Specialised Kinesiology. Her passion lies in uncovering the stories that the body holds; the emotions, beliefs and patterns that keep you from being what you want to be.

As a mother of a young family, her practice space has been designed with the needs of young people in mind.

Kate has closed her practice in KZN,and followed her husband on an adventure to Nottingham in Great Britain. She is continuing her work with kinesiology in a little town called Keyworth.

She enjoys listening to people’s stories, observing their physical responses, and assisting them find their balance.

Katja Correa Specialised Kinesiologist

Katja Correa

Glenwood – Durban

Phone: 084 478 0082



  • Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T Practitioner

Katja is a fully qualified special educator and has worked for many years in the field of early childhood intervention in Germany. Since 2008, she is fascinated with studying the various Kinesiology methods and completed several Kinesiology trainings. She is a Touch for health practitioner, Neurotrainer, N.O.T Practitioner and a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. As a mother of two, she loves the gentle non-invasive nature of the treatment and the quick results. Her aim is to use her experience to help people in challenging situations to cope and live their life to the fullest.

Kerry Lee van Huyssteen Specialised Kinesiologist

Kerry Lee van Huyssteen

Durban North – Durban

Phone: 031 563 1313 (o/h) / 082 650 5538



  • Specialised Kinesiologist

After completing a degree in Psychology through Unisa,  Kerry studied  Specialised Kinesiology. She is passionate about combining numerous different approaches and has special interests in fertility, working with children and helping clients identify and change destructive patterns.  Having a focus on helping clients understand and change their lives, Kerry runs different relationship building seminars (both for corporate and private groups) and she is also a qualified Fire Walking Instructor. Kerry uses many of the principles from Kinesiology to help clients shift unsupportive belief systems and face their fears.

Kerry has recently moved her practice to The Homeopathic and Chiropractic Clinic in Durban North after being in practice for 10 years in Morningside.

Nicole van Huyssteen Specialised Kinesiologist

Nicole van Huyssteen


Phone: 034 315 0079 (o/h) / 082 326 3575



  • Specialised Kinesiologist

Natural health and healing has been my passion since a young age. I studied diet and nutrition with the South African College of Complementary Therapies, obtaining her South African Certificate and International Diploma in 2003. In 2006, thanks to a friend, I discovered Kinesiology. Through a series of sessions she experienced how Specialised Kinesiology can help reframe and release unresolved issues, hurts, pain and resentments. These are often physically stored in the body and can lead to stress, tension, fatigue, lowered immune functioning and even weight gain.I  felt that Kinesiology could have a powerful impact on others and decided to further her studies. I am is part of the Detox International Team as Detox Manager. My mission and passion is to educate and empower people, guiding them on how to balance their physical and nutritional needs as well as their emotional states in a practical way.

Sharron Carroll Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Sharron Carroll


Phone: 082 624 8028



  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Sharon Carroll has practiced, and helped many people using Kinesiology for over 20 years. She has attended workshops with founding  Practitioners from all over the world! Sharon works passionately and enjoys her ability to assist people make better life choices. She helps to facilitate the body’s own healing process and encourage optimal function of the body, mind and spirit!

Stacey Destombes Active Kinesiologist

Stacey Destombes


Cell: 071 862 9887



  • Active Kinesiologist

After nearly 10 years working in the corporate world, I can well understand the stresses and pressures of fast turnaround and accountability in a world that never stops.


The requirement to manage time, projects and professional development, as well as juggle personal endeavors can be a daunting prospect and mastering the time, passion, energy, and balance remains the holy grail of so many in the world today.


A degree in psychology, coupled with self-awareness, some bumpy lessons along the way and a jolly good sense of humour, enable me to provide a space, safe for self-discovery and recuperation. Clients are delighted that physical symptoms are eradicated and find themselves learning enormous amounts about themselves and how they ended up in my office!


A favourite quote of mine is, “build a life you don’t need a holiday from” and it is this that I strive to help my clients achieve in their sessions.