How far do you want to go?

  • STUDENT: Busy studying any specialised kinesiology modality, with less than 250 accredited workshop hours. Students may not charge for their work.
  • ACTIVE Kinesiologist:Has acquired more than 250 accredited course hours, but not yet 500. May charge for their work but is not considered a qualified Specialised Kinesiologist until the criteria listed on this page are met. Note that a kinesiologist who has studied purely as a TFH Practitioner, PKP Practitioner, Neuro-trainer or NOT Practitioner would fall into this category, regardless of the number of courses completed within one modality.
  • SPECIALISED KINESIOLOGIST:Has completed the Specialised Kinesiologist Training Path and accumulated a minimum of 500 hours in training.
  • PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISED KINESIOLOGIST: A qualified Specialised Kinesiologist with more than 1000 accredited course points.

For the foundation phase, there are some basic courses that you will be required to complete first.  But once you have mastered the basics, there are many directions in which you can continue and acquire more knowledge, experience and personal development.

While other modalities do not necessarily count towards accreditation, they can be incorporated in your practice. In fact, kinesiology offers the perfect platform for any integrated healthcare approach.

NOTE: Any registered kinesiologist must complete at least 28 hours (four days) of courses every two years in order to remain current.

SO! Whether you’d like to:

  • Engage in a bit of self-exploration and personal development in your life and health;
  • Gain some knowledge and tools for self-care and wellness at home;
  • Incorporate the knowledge and tools that kinesiology offers, into what you already practice; OR
  • Actually become a practising Specialised Kinesiologist and make this your career…
…you are welcome to join any of our accredited training paths. You will be assured of finding fellow students from whom you will learn and grow.