Our constitution

Constitution of the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa (ASKSA)

This Constitution, accepted and ratified by all members of ASKSA, supersedes all previous Constitutions, to better reflect its aims and purpose within a changing workplace.

It is therefore agreed as follows: That the Association shall be called the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa (ASKSA) or by such other name that the National Committee may determine.That a National Committee shall be maintained to:-
  • Provide a representative professional Association for Specialised Kinesiologists.
  • Determine membership based on the knowledge, learning and experience of Specialised Kinesiology techniques.
  • Protect the rights of members, who will have the right to elect the National and Regional Committees in properly held elections.
  • Set standards in accordance with principles and techniques of Specialised Kinesiology as set by the international standards of practice for each of the branches of Specialised Kinesiology, the International Association of Specialised Kinesiologists (IASK) and the ASKSA Training Committee.
  • Regulate and discipline practitioners as per the Member’s Code and the Disciplinary Code.
  • Administrate the affairs of the Association in accordance with the laws of SA.
  • Uphold the name and further the aims of ASKSA.
That these principles shall be brought into effect through a set of Rules and Regulations, to be approved by the National Committee from time to time. Decisions of the National Committee shall only be valid if consensus is reached at a properly constituted meeting. This Constitution may only be amended at a properly held National Annual General Meeting and requires a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority agreement of all members. All members are bound by this constitution through the act of becoming a member of ASKSA.
This Constitution supersedes all and any other ASKSA documents (including the Rules and Regulations) and will be used by the Members and Committee Members in the guidance of decision making for the proper administration of ASKSA. The Constitution and the Rules and Regulations are contemporaneous documents and as such must be read together. In the event of obscurity, the provisions in the Rules and Regulations must yield to the Constitution.