Lillian Dreyer Active Kinesiologist

Lillian Dreyer


Phone: (014) 596 5100 / 072 576 1021


Fax: 086 545 4265

  • Active Kinesiologist

I was introduced to Kinesiology in 2003. The results after just one session was absolutely amazing! Kinesiology has changed my and my family’s life in so many great ways.
After deciding in 2013 that I would like to change my career direction, I started studying Kinesiology in 2014. I am still currently expanding my knowledge, and will continue to do so on a regular basis as I believe it would be of great benefit to my clients.
My aim is to assist people in achieving the same astonishing results and more.

Patsy Hechter Specialised Kinesiologist

Patsy Hechter


Phone: 083 985 2028



  • Specialised Kinesiologist

I went for my first Kinesiology session in 2006, and after seeing then, how my life completely transformed, I knew that I wanted to know more. Have you heard the saying: “Healer, heal Thyself”? Many a true healer has suffered tremendously at some point in their lives. Working through this and finding release and healing, leads them to find a new depth, and ability to assist others to overcome their own pain, whether physical or otherwise. I am a shining example of one such healer.