PROVINCE: KwaZulu-Natal
AREA: Gillitts
PHONE: 071 862 9887
Active Kinesiologist
After nearly 10 years working in the corporate world, I can well understand the stresses and pressures of fast turnaround and accountability in a world that never stops. The requirement to manage time, projects and professional development, as well as juggle personal endeavors can be a daunting prospect and mastering the time, passion, energy, and balance remains the holy grail of so many in the world today. A degree in psychology, coupled with self-awareness, some bumpy lessons along the way and a jolly good sense of humour, enable me to provide a space, safe for self-discovery and recuperation. Clients are delighted that physical symptoms are eradicated and find themselves learning enormous amounts about themselves and how they ended up in my office! A favourite quote of mine is, “build a life you don’t need a holiday from” and it is this that I strive to help my clients achieve in their sessions.