AREA: Sharonlea, Jhb North, Randburg
PHONE: 082 684 4161
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
N.O.T. Practitioner
Monica has always had a passion for assisting people feel better about and within themselves, helping them live a better quality life. She had initially studied beauty therapy, somatology and many types of massage and holistic therapies but felt like there was still a piece of the puzzle missing. These therapies were all great for making a person feel better temporarily but she felt they weren’t permanent solutions. She went for her first Kinesiology session in 2006 and was so intrigued and fascinated by the process and the life changing results, that she decided she wanted to study Kinesiology and pursue it as a career. Her aim was (and still is) to be able to help others improve their health, live more in a state of well-being, and help them have a better quality of life. I started studying kinesiology in 2007, beginning with the TFH workshops, and was so amazed with the process and changes it had in my life that I knew I needed to take it further. I continued to study every module that was available to me in South Africa and taking in as much knowledge as I could get my hands on. After seeing the change that kinesiology made in my life and in my client’s lives over the past years I decided I wanted to “spread the word” further and teach others about Kinesiology, so I became a Kinesiology instructor. I am now a Professional Specialised Kinesiologist, Neuro-Trainer and N.O.T. practitioner with over 1000 hours behind me. I am also a Touch For Health instructor, Emotional Kinesiology instructor and Neuro-training instructor. I continually attends new updates and advanced workshops to keep up with new knowledge and the changing times.