PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Noordhoek, Cape Town
PHONE: 083 626 5354
Specialised Kinesiologist
My journey with Kinesiology began almost fourteen years ago when my newborn daughter started having seizures. Kinesiology had a profound effect at a time when the medical world was at a bit of a loss. Over the years Kinesiology has proved highly beneficial to myself and my family on many levels. I am a firm believer that overall health is dependent on Mental, Emotional and Physical wellbeing. Physical symptoms are messengers letting us now that there is an imbalance in one or all of these areas. If we merely address one symptom another messenger will pop up somewhere else. Kinesiology is a fantastic tool to assist the body to heal on all these levels. I qualified as a Specialised Kinesiologist in 2015 and currently run my own practice from my home in Noordhoek, Cape Town. My main focus is N.O.T (Neural Organisational Technique) and I have had personal experience of this being hugely effective in treating TMJ issues, IBS, Learning Difficulties, Scoliosis, Anxiety and much more.