PROVINCE: KwaZulu-Natal
AREA: United Kingdom – Keyworth, Nottingham
PHONE: 082 650 5538
Specialised Kinesiologist
Catherine started her health career by studying Occupational Therapy at UCT, and later, Holistic Massage through the SA College of Complementary Therapies, before studying Specialised Kinesiology. Her passion lies in uncovering the stories that the body holds; the emotions, beliefs and patterns that keep you from being what you want to be. As a mother of a young family, her practice space has been designed with the needs of young people in mind. Kate has closed her practice in KZN,and followed her husband on an adventure to Nottingham in Great Britain. She is continuing her work with kinesiology in a little town called Keyworth. She enjoys listening to people’s stories, observing their physical responses, and assisting them find their balance.