PROVINCE: Western Cape
AREA: Vredendal, Western Cape
PHONE: 027 213 2154 | 074 583 6914
PKP Practitioner
When working with Ena, one is immediately struck by her depth of understanding. Ena’s amazing and inspiring life experience, having confronted and overcome severe obstacles in her own health, relationships and work environments, translates into the grounded and empathetic manner in which she works with all her clients. Ena has owned and run a professional beauty therapy business for over 10 years. She is very excited to now be able to offer clients the opportunity to support beauty from within through Kinesiology. Her clients are benefitting in so many ways, be it an improved quality of life, reduction in chronic pain, sleep disorders, food sensitivities to name but a few. Ena knows and understands the power of nature, and holds a Doctorate in Herbology which easily combines with Kinesiology as a powerful and unique opportunity to naturally address a myriad of life’s stresses. Ena draws inspiration from nature, her practice is tucked in the beautiful Vredendal Valley, surrounded by vineyards in summertime and Namaqualand flowers in winter. She is passionate about Kinesiology and excited about the way it helps the body naturally. Ena speaks English and Afrikaans.