Heidi Baker Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Heidi Stumpf

Durbanville, Northern Suburbs

Phone: 082 975 7582

Email: stumpf.heidi@yahoo.com

Website: www.heidikinesiology.co.za

  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T Practitioner

My introduction to Kinesiology started in the UK, as a result of being in constant pain with an arthritic condition.  Medical intervention provided little relief.  After three Kinesiology treatments, I started feeling the life changing benefits.  This led me to explore the practice, and qualified as a Professional Systematic Kinesiologist in the UK.  My return to South Africa inspired me to further my studies, expanding my knowledge and training to include Neural Organisation Technique.  Thus, providing a wider scope of practice to assist clients in similar and many other compromised health situations.

Rather than replacing your current medical treatment given by your medical GP or specialist, Kinesiology works with your existing treatments to provide a complementary framework to improve your overall well-being.  As my client base continues to grow, many more people are experiencing the profound benefits of the positive changes brought about through Kinesiology treatments.  My experience in facilitating clients towards living a healthier, fuller, happier and balanced life has become my passion.

Professional Specialised Kinesiologist, Dip.ASK (UK), Neural Organisation Technique Practitioner

Jenni Halkett Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Jenni Halkett

Noordhoek, Cape Town

Phone: 083 380 4015

Email: jennihal@gmail.com

Website: www.kinesiology-shifthappens.co.za

  • Profession Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T Practitioner
  • Specialised Kinesiology Instructor and N.O.T Instructor

After leaving the medical world in 2004, I set up my full time Specialised Kinesiology Practice in Noordhoek, Western Cape.

I started teaching in 2007, and love it.

I feel unbelievably privileged to be able to share my experiences with those who are wanting to find out more about this amazing work or to go on to become Specialised Kinesiologists in their own right.

It is an incredible, self-empowering journey.

Jutta Holzapfel Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Jutta Holzapfel

Bergvliet, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Phone: 079 398 3251

Email: jutta@breathingroom.co.za

Website: www.breathingroom.co.za

  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T. Practitioner

I am enthusiastic about the beauty, depth and efficiency of the kinesiological system and it’s ability to bring about powerful change.

My intent is to assist you with the knowledge, support and resources you need to manage your health and wellbeing.

At ‘Breathing Room’ I provide a safe and nurturing environment for my clients to address all areas of their concern.

My passion lies in uncovering the stories that the body holds or hides.

I welcome people of all backgrounds and ages. I have empathy and a great passion for working with children, youth or adults diagnosed with learning difficulties; behavioural impediments and suffering from depression or addiction.

I work with people after trauma and accidents – suffering from a variety of injuries or degrees of pain – to foster their recuperation ability.

I speak fluent German, English and Dutch; I speak Italian well.

If you are willing to embrace growth and change, I will gladly support your effort in a safe, respectful and caring environment.

Kevin Campbell Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Kevin Campbell

Claremont, Cape Town

Phone: 021 671 8021 / 072 194 2050



  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

During my global travels in the early 1980’s ,  I first discovered and expierienced Kinesiology as the most effective system  for correcting the ongoing agony in my lower back  .
So impressed, I undertook my first  Touch For Health training in Auckland  N.Z. in 1988 . I returned to Australasia the following year to complete Instructor Training Workshop for TFH in Darwin  and then PHP1,2 &3 in Bali.
In 1991 , we held the first ITW for TFH in Cape Town  and shortly thereafter I was elected as Founder President at the Inaugural Meeting  of ASKSA . That gave me enough to work with for quite a while .

Nowadays , I have focused more on integrating the myriad  of various different Kinesiology modalities that I learnt   , i.e.  TFH ,PKP ,Three-in One, ABK, HypertonX, Advanced Kinesiology Techniques and more that I learnt on conferences , into an Wholistic approach that can also help others to regain their equilibrium and balance in terms of the Triad of Health  and so reach their full potential  for joyful , energetic Life.

Marlene Terblanche Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Marlene Terblanche

Paarl, Klapmuts, Stellenbosch

Phone: 071 484 7758

Email: mardieomarlene@gmail.com

  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T Practitioner
  • Trauma Counsellor

My career working in the humanitarian sector started by studying B. Soc. SC  (psychology) twenty years ago, while I was nursing.  I was taking care of a quadriplegic, which inspired me to further my studies, leading me to become a Social Worker (UNISA).
My interest in Kinesiology was sparked through my counselling experiences, where I realised that there was something more than psychotherapy.  This led me to investigate other options, and I did the Touch For Health course.  On completion of this, my enthusiasm to grow my knowledge and experience led me to study Neuro Training and Neural Organisation Technique.  I was fully convinced of the effectiveness of Kinesiology after undergoing intense treatments myself.
This inspired me to study even further, and did a T.I.R (Trauma Incident Reduction) course through AMI, qualifying as a T.I.R Facilitator.
The combination of my experience and studies all complement each other well, and my client base keeps growing as a result of offering various treatment options.

Meryl Abrahams Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Meryl Abrahams


Phone: 082 803 6875.

Email: meryl.abrahams@gmail.com

Website: www.merylabrahams.co.za

  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T Practitioner

I see clients in Cape Town and Johannesburg for Kinesiology, Posture Therapy and Wellness Coaching.

I have worked across different sectors including: academia, medical, insurance, wellness, publishing, consulting, government and the NGO sector.

As a medical research scientist with a special interest in herbal medicine, I have always been passionate about health and wellness. During my PhD studies, I suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut and chronic lower back pain. Western allopathic medicine had little to offer me and so my exploration of alternate remedies, complementary therapies and solutions began.

Ph.D. Molecular & Cell Biology (UCT thesis outstanding) | M.Sc. (Med.) Pharmacology (UCT) | B.Sc. (Med.) (Hons.) Pharmacology (UCT) | B.Sc. Biochemistry, Microbiology (UCT) | Dip. Business Management (DAMELIN) | Self Management Leadership Facilitator for Southern Africa (Oxford Leadership Academy) | Body Talk Access Technician (International Body Talk Association) | Touch for Health (International Kinesiology College) | Specialised Kinesiology (Advanced Neuro-Training (Pty) Ltd.) | Emotional Kinesiology (Natal Kinesiology Centre)

Markus Van Der Westhuizen PKP Practitioner

Markus van der Westhuizen

Woodstock and Tulbagh

Phone: 072 952 3630

Email: markus@healthychoice.co.za

Web: www.healthychoice.co.za

  • PKP Practitioner

Markus van der Westhuizen facilitates healing through his extensive and in-depth understanding of energy work. His clients benefit from his expertise in a range of modalities including Kinesiology, Crystal and Aura healing, and Herbalism. Markus draws on 20 years of experience in the field of healing, and holds himself to uncompromising levels of excellence.

He has a keen ability to pinpoint solutions to seemingly complicated stresses, always remaining grounded and pragmatic, while at the same time empathetic. This combined with his sincerity, genuine care for others and generosity of spirit sets him apart. Starting with Crystal Healing training in 1992, Markus has since added Aura Healing, Herbalism, Curanderismo, Holistic Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu, Hara Massage, Kinesiology, Dry Needling, Kinesio-Taping, Quantum Bio-Resonance Scanning and Soul Plan Readings to his repertoire. He is currently furthering his studies in the field of shamanic from an Andean as well as South African perspective.
Initially working as qualified Graphic Designer and Design Lecturer by day and offering treatments, advice and herbal remedies wherever and whenever he could, Markus moved into his full time healing practice in 2007.
Markus has developed a technique called Energetic Recalibration, which focuses on recalibrating the proprioceptors in the body to allow it to come back into natural alignment and to encourage self-­healing. He also prepares highly specialised Herbal Tinctures and Crystal Essences, currently distributed in South Africa and abroad.
Markus has served as the administrator to the Reiki Masters Association of South Africa and also established and co-ordinated an interactive social network for Reiki Master Practitioners and Teachers. The focus upon sharing of information between Reiki Masters as a means to develop teachers and raise the standard of Reiki training in South Africa.

Ena Beukes PKP Practitioner

Ena Beukes

Vredendal, Western Cape

Phone: 027 213 2154

Cell: 074 583 6914

Email: raphatoheal1967@gmail.com

Website: www.salonelkana.weebly.com

  • PKP Practitioner

When working with Ena, one is immediately struck by her depth of understanding. Ena’s amazing and inspiring life experience, having confronted and overcome severe obstacles in her own health, relationships and work environments, translates into the grounded and empathetic manner in which she works with all her clients. Ena has owned and run a professional beauty therapy business for over 10 years. She is very excited to now be able to offer clients the opportunity to support beauty from within through Kinesiology. Her clients are benefitting in so many ways, be it an improved quality of life, reduction in chronic pain, sleep disorders, food sensitivities to name but a few. Ena knows and understands the power of nature, and holds a Doctorate in Herbology which easily combines with Kinesiology as a powerful and unique opportunity to naturally address a myriad of life’s stresses. Ena draws inspiration from nature, her practice is tucked in the beautiful Vredendal Valley, surrounded by vineyards in summertime and Namaqualand flowers in winter.

She is passionate about Kinesiology and excited about the way it helps the body naturally.  Ena speaks English and Afrikaans.

Henriette Davis Specialised Kinesiologist

Henriette Davis

Unit 16B Oewerpark, Rokewood Avenue, Die Boord, Stellenbosch

Phone: 083 444 4321

Email: h.davis@iafrica.com

  • Specialised Kinesiologist

I see health and healing as an overall balance between mental, emotional and physical.  I follow a systematic approach, which will enable my clients to naturally deal with life’s stresses.  I create a calm and safe environment for my clients to feel at ease and benefit from the powerful modality of Kinesiology.

Ian Waddell Specialised Kinesiologist

Ian Waddell

Bokaap, Cape Town

Phone: 083 450 0768

Email: iswaddell@mweb.co.za

Website: www.personalbest.co.za

  • Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T Practitioner

As a personal trainer and coach, I enjoy working with diverse groups of people – all of whom share the aim of improving their overall health, confidence, and/or athletic performance – i.e. to achieve their personal best.

I specialise in the disciplines of running, cycling, swimming (triathlon) and all round gym training, constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and experience in my profession. I have explored and successfully applied alternative ways to support clients to achieve their goals including – where appropriate – principles and practices of kinesiology, yoga, nutrition and meditation. 
My holistic and professional approach is driven by integrity and my passion, reminding clients how to enjoy and have fun when exercising so that it becomes a way of life. 

Lauren Birch Specialised Kinesiologist

Lauren Birch

Noordhoek, Cape Town

Phone: 083 626 5354

Email: laurenbirchkinesiology@gmail.com

    • Specialised Kinesiologist

My journey with Kinesiology began almost fourteen years ago when my newborn daughter started having seizures. Kinesiology had a profound effect at a time when the medical world was at a bit of a loss. Over the years Kinesiology has proved highly beneficial to myself and my family on many levels.

I am a firm believer that overall health is dependent on Mental, Emotional and Physical wellbeing. Physical symptoms are messengers letting us now that there is an imbalance in one or all of these areas. If we merely address one symptom another messenger will pop up somewhere else. Kinesiology is a fantastic tool to assist the body to heal on all these levels.

I qualified as a Specialised Kinesiologist in 2015 and currently run my own practice from my home in Noordhoek, Cape Town.

My main focus is N.O.T (Neural Organisational Technique) and I have had personal experience of this being hugely effective in treating TMJ issues, IBS, Learning Difficulties, Scoliosis, Anxiety and much more.

Lynn Angel Specialised Kinesiologist

Lynn Angel

Origin Wellness Spa 5 th Floor, Double Tree by Hilton, Upper Eastside
31 Brickfield Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Phone: 082 440 9397

Email: lynn@lynnangel.com

Website: www.lynnangel.com

  • Specialised Kinesiologist
  • Rife Practitioner
  • DORN Spinal Alignment Therapy

My first love has always been food.

It is my passion, my life evolves around food.

I am a professional chef, a cookery school teacher and the best memories in my life have involved food in – be it a dish that I enjoyed preparing, or enjoyed in a restaurant, or shared with friends.

I have also always been intrigued by the complexity of the human body and through my own experience of injuries sustained throughout my life I have discovered the astonishing ability of the human body to heal itself. I have always opted to let allow my body to heal itself instead of reaching for a pill to take the pain away. This does not mean that I have no faith in standard medical practices, or that I do not believe in taking pills. There certainly are times when medication is life saving.

So how does a chef become an integrated body therapist?

I was a teenager when I came across an ancient Ayurvedic proverb that states:

“If diet is WRONG, medicine is of no use. And if diet is CORRECT, medicine is of no good.“

I believe that the body gives us warning signals before it manifest as a physical ailment and if we find ways to assist the body to reverse these symptoms naturally, we can avoid becoming caught in the cycle of chronic conditions and chronic medication.

Integrated body therapy is the combination of Eastern and western bodywork approaches that create lasting, positive changes in the structure and movement of the body.

As a wellness practitioner I assess each client individually and my aim is the evaluation of root restrictions, which may be influenced by many factors on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level.

The benefits of integrated body therapies are improved posture, optimised mobility, decreased pain and increased wellness.

My role is to assist you to achieve and maintain excellence in your health so that you can enjoy life.

Neural Organisation Technique Practitioner and Dorn Method Therapist

Renè van der Westhuizen Specialised Kinesiologist

Renè van der Westhuizen

Wellington, Picketberg, Citrusdal, Western Cape

Phone: 082 56 555 56

Email: rene@thehealthhub.co.za

Website: www.thehealthhub.co.za

  • Specialised Kinesiologist

I started my professional life studying Chemical Engineering.  I then changed direction and studied Optometry, and have been practicing in that Profession since 2002.
I have always been interested in alternative and complimentary ways of looking after health. Never have I come across anything so profoundly effective in dealing with life’s ups and downs, and how we react to those stresses, as with Specialised Kinesiology.
It will change your life!

Robyne Chadwick Specialised Kinesiologist

Robyne Chadwick

Vredehoek, Cape Town

Phone: 076 6286 105

Email: chadwickrobyne@gmail.com

Facebook Link: fb.me/SoulKinetherapy

  • Specialised Kinesiologist
My introduction to the holistic world started in my early 20’s when I sought alternative healing methods for various ailments I had at the time. The positive results coupled with my passion for health and wellness led me to study Kinesiology which took me on an incredible journey of self healing. I now utilise the myriad of phenomenal life changing tools to empower others on their healing journeys and am privileged to hold a gentle space that facilitates astounding transformations.

Suzie Basset Specialised Kinesiologist

Suzie Basset

Green Point

Phone: 082 423 2172

Email: suziebasset@mweb.co.za

Website: www.suziebassetkinesiology.com

  • Specialised Kinesiologist

I am an experienced Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist with a passion for healing and finding solutions for the complex, layered challenges we sometimes face on our journey through life. I have expertise in facilitating balance in the human body on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Spiritual can be defined as a person’s deepest nature: that which flows through us and gives us uniqueness. I combine healing techniques and philosophies of both Western and alternative medicine to achieve optimal results with each client.

I have also branched into teaching and teach Touch for Health and Intuition Courses.

Other modalities that I have studied or explored include: Family Constellation Therapy, Cranio-sacral therapy, Aura-soma, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Myofacial release techniques, aspects of Inca Shamanism, Meditation and Reiki.

BSc. Physiotherapy UCT 1992

Zelda Bradshaw Specialised Kinesiologist

Zelda Bradshaw

Somerset West

Phone: 021 851 3153 / 083 279 9619

Email: zelda@zeldabradshaw.co.za

Website: www.zeldabradshaw.co.za

  • Specialised Kinesiologist
  • N.O.T Practitioner
  • Lindwall Releasing Facilitator and Teacher

After graduating (B.Comm. Stell) and practising as an accountant for ten years, I came to realise that I was destined for higher spiritual service and followed this instinct into a fulfilling life as an intuitive energy therapist.
My journey into Applied Kinesiology started in 1999, when I became a student of Dr Isa Lindwall DC from U.S.A. who was trained in Applied Kinesiology by Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology. During his future visits to South Africa I had the privilege to facilitate on his workshops and seven-day retreats. On 28 October 2001, he asked me to be a Lindwall releasing teacher. I was one of the organisers of his last tour in 2006 to South Africa. In 2007 I registered as a Specialised Kinesiologist and in 2010 I also became an internationally qualified Neural Organization Technique practitioner.
People have been a lifelong interest of mine. My work as an accountant gave me the balance and the insight into how people manage their energy and how it impacts their health and life. During my years as an accountant, I started my quest for knowledge of the healing of the human body and spirit. This led me to becoming a qualified yoga teacher with the Sir Paul Duke School of Yoga with membership to the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa. I qualified as a Reiki Master in 1999 and have been teaching and initiating students into Reiki since then.
When teaching I present the training in a practical and insightful way. It is important to understand life, your own action or reaction to it and to acquire the necessary skills and tools to create a more joyous and peaceful life. I strive for that in my training.
My personal journey has greatly benefited from my therapy. Striving for neutrality is of great importance to me, as it is from a neutral space one can make the best choices for living. Joy is the ultimate state of being I strive for.

Nicci Crawford Active Kinesiologist

Nicci Crawford

Somerset West

Phone: 082 775 6456

Email: sorcin@outlook.com

  • Active Kinesiologist

Kinesiology has helped realise a life long dream of mine to help and guide others towards a more fulfilling life. There is nothing more rewarding than this, for me.

I have opened my practice in Somerset West, where you can come and experience this amazing healing modality in a safe, comfortable space.

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as a verification tool to detect any stressors in one’s life.

Our Innate ability to heal ourselves is triggered by the process and allows us to begin the healing process. Kinesiology is the best gift you can give yourself!