Neuro training

Developed by Andrew Verity and based in Australia, these series of workshops are recognized by the Australian Kinesiology Association. The level 1 workshops are already a recognized Certificate IV qualification, and the advanced workshops are in the final steps of being rewritten for diploma status.
Neuro-training integrates many natural therapies, techniques and principles from both Eastern and Western philosophies in a solution oriented process where you are able to direct your own response through the natural laws that govern the nervous system. You have an innate ability to adapt and recuperate to influences what affects your everyday life. Should you be unable to adapt appropriately, your subconscious will let you know via various symptoms. Many symptoms experienced are generally suppressed – they are “pushed away”, “go through the pain” and “get on with life” etc. Neuro-Training aims to find the cause of the symptom and, therefore, enable the subconscious to resolve the issue by retraining the nervous system with the best neurological option to solve that particular issue – naturally enhancing your recuperating ability.

Basic courses required to qualify as a Neuro-Trainer:

The Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training

This is the first workshop taught in the Neuro-Training program. It is for students who have no previous kinesiology learning, as well as for the experienced practitioner.


  • What is neuro-training and how it differs from other forms of kinesiology; How to monitor a muscle response accurately, the difference between an indicator muscle and a specific muscle response; Blocking and switching during muscle checking means that the client has hidden issues – learn how to identify these and how to balance them; The importance of working within the appropriate context, and the difference between this and content; Working with solutions as opposed to working with the problem; Automatic defences, what these are and how to deal with them; How circuits affect the indicator response, and the importance of monitoring the indicator within circuits; Suppression is the highest priority we can work with in our clients. Learn what it is, what to do about it. In NT we make no assumptions about our clients, not even in a procedure to follow. Learn about working factors and how to apply them in a session. The motivational barometer gives us emotional options to explain how we are motivated (or not) to live our lives to our full potential. Learn some balancing techniques, in NT called New Neurological Options, and the Post Checks on these NNO’s.

Prerequisites: Preferably TFH 1 and 2

Duration: 4 Days

Principles of Recuperation

An introduction to the Model of Universal Principles. ‘Principles of Recuperation’ teaches you the context of recuperation within the biggest picture and gives you an enormous amount of information on how to discover the correct context to work within.


  • The Model of Universal Principles enables you to combine all recuperation modalities within a Neuro-Training framework. Learn the difference between a recuperation crisis and aggravation. Know when to balance a Recuperation Crisis and when not to. Learn how to check for Available/Unavailable Energy for Recuperation and recuperation. You will also learn specific muscle responses as post NNO checks. The workshop provides an excellent reference that outlines the theory behind all the techniques we use in Neuro-Training. Learn how to incorporate all other information you have such as Naturopathy, Herbal, Homeopathy, other body work and Acupuncture.

Specific Topics:

  • Laws of Recuperation
  • Hering’s Law of Cure
  • The Process of Re/Degeneration
  • Recuperation Crises
  • Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 Checking
  • Time References
  • Suppression
  • Elements of Mankind

Prerequisites: The Art of Solution-Oriented Neuro-Training (ASONT)

Duration: 4 Days

Blueprint One

This workshop is aimed at developing your personal awareness and self reliance, by clearing away the restrictive inherited patterns that influence our personal and professional behaviours, and that prevent us from expressing the truth of who we really are. The workshop also clears specific emotional and mental stress held at a subconscious level.


  • Learn about cheirology and how the traits of your hand can be used to help you understand yourself better and guide you through difficult times. We also use cheirology as a reference in working with clients. You will defuse the ‘Fear Spiral’, using unique and powerful integration and balancing procedures to remove specific psychological defences. We will learn six correction techniques. Identify emotions using the motivational and the behaviour barometer. Learn, balance and integrate the nine priority brain functions for realising your maximum potential. Learned helplessness – move out of victim consciousness and open yourself to the possibilities of your genetic references and imagination. Timeline – make time work for you, as well as using your past experiences and future expectations to live life to the fullest NOW. And more...

Prerequisites: ASONT and Principles of Recuperation

Duration: 4 Days

Innate Intelligence

This workshop from Neuro-Training builds on the information from the ‘Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training’ in a very congruent and empowering way. Innate Intelligence includes not just Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 checking but also the hierarchy of muscles, simultaneous checking, new information on circuits, gaits, reflexes versus circuits, contingent checking and stress responses.


  • The better neurological options and techniques covered within the four days are Nine intelligences, Spindle cell/golgi tendon integration, Stress receptors of the head, Hand receptors, Reactives/reactor Circuits, Acupoints for the laws of recuperation, New neurovascular Points, Hypertonics, Nine phases of checking. Some of the information you may feel that you have covered in other workshops. However with new research, you will find this to be a new way of associating intelligence with the process of muscle monitoring. The information and techniques will give a deeper understanding of functional muscle monitoring in a solution oriented way.

Prerequisites: ASONT and POR

Duration: 4 Days


After having achieved the basic understanding from ASONT, Innate Int, PoR and BP1, now comes the ‘putting it all together’ process.


  • This is primarily a reinforcement and application of the SONT procedure. To do this we will need to learn some new information and most importantly, apply the procedure in an every day need context. Learning how to apply these techniques and concepts is crucial to building a strong basis for the use of any Neuro-Training practice. Applications will include dealing with Dichotomy, Integration techniques, Expanded elemental support references, New references for meridians, Emotional acupoints, Chakras, Approaches for dealing with the most influential contexts such as Relationship Consequences, Unfinished Business, Assumptions, Acquired Behaviours, Influence, Human Heuristics. As a reinforcement of the proficiency in using the SONT procedure, this level of training will give anyone the ability to be a more effective support with friends, family and clients, and to have a full set of tools to deal with life’s challenges.

Prerequisites: ASONT, POR, BP, II

Duration: 4 Days

Final receipt of a Neuro-Training Practitioner qualification also requires the handing in of theoretical homework for each of the above five modules, as well as completion of a written and oral examination.