Foundation Courses

  • Touch For Health

Touch For Health (TFH) is the foundation course of kinesiology, and is a prerequisite to all other modules. You may choose to do TFH and then go onto other schools of kinesiology, or you may choose continue with your TFH studies. TFH is in the process of being developed internationally into a two year diploma. TFH is a series of four workshops taught over eight days, usually over four weekends.

  • BKP

This approach was developed by Dr. Bruce Dewe and his wife Joan. They have put difficult kinesiology concepts into easy and simple to understand modules. Their workshops are taught in 16 countries and translated into 8 languages.

Becoming a Specialised Kinesiologist

You must complete at least two directions, plus an approved Anatomy and Physiology course.

  • Neuro-training

Neuro-training integrates many natural therapies, techniques and principles from both Eastern and Western philosophies in a solution oriented process where you are able to direct your own response through the natural laws that govern the nervous system. You have an innate ability to adapt and recuperate to influences what affects your everyday life. Should you be unable to adapt appropriately, your subconscious will let you know via various symptoms. Many symptoms experienced are generally suppressed – they are “pushed away”, “go through the pain” and “get on with life” etc. neuro-training aims to find the cause of the symptom and, therefore, enable the subconscious to resolve the issue by retraining the nervous system with the best neurological option to solve that particular issue – naturally enhancing your recuperating ability.

  • Neural Organisation Technique

Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.) is a holistic physical and energetic medicine modality, based in Applied Kinesiology, which deals with our basic survival systems of fight/flight, feeding/immune and reproduction. Our health depends on how well these systems are maintained and their ability to receive, process and respond to sensory information in a constantly changing environment of both internal and external stressors. Treatment utilizes a sensory receptor-based therapy involving primarily skin surface reflexes designed to normalize nervous system function. Neural Organization Technique holds as its premise that everything that happens to us on a physical, chemical, or emotional level must be processed through one or more of the three basic survival systems. Our reaction to these stimuli will not be random but one of a chain reaction of neurobiochemical events designed to compensate and maximize our survivability. Our nervous system will accomplish and navigate this compensatory state by constantly monitoring both the internal and external environment. Much of the sensory input is processed subconscious utilizing a vast array of information gathering sensors in our skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments called mechano-receptors (proprioceptors).

Receptor based therapies allow the practitioner to modulate the sensory input to our Central Nervous System (CNS) to facilitate a wanted outcome/response.

  • Basic Kinesiology Practice

The basic diploma in ICPKP takes about eighteen months to complete, and includes BKP modules 1-110, Mastery of Emotional Stress Release, Anatomy and Physiology, Practice Management 1 and Clinical Safe Practices 1.

  • Anatomy and Physiology

A proper grounding in Anatomy and Physiology is essential to any professional kinesiology practice, which is why it is mandatory to complete a recognised course. One option is A&P for Kinesiologists, which has been specifically developed for our profession by Gudrun Lauterbach, from Kinesiology Centre Natal.

Advanced Courses

  • Neuro-training workshops

These include the extended Blueprints series, Effective Iridology and Nutritional Alternatives.

  • Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

A four-five year, advanced diploma in kinesiology.

  • Kinesiology Centre Natal

A fascinating series of locally developed workshops, including:

  • Emotional Kinesiology
  • Learn2Learn
  • Relationship rescue
  • Chinese Five Elements and Care2Consult