Kinesiology as we know it today has evolved into many different branches, all based on the scientific, neurological workings of the body.
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It is our divine right to live a wonderful, fulfilled life. However, as time goes by, we often find we become stuck in old patterns that in one way or another keep us from attaining this ideal.

If you have at some stage of your life felt the frustration of having the best intentions but somehow not being able to follow through, then perhaps kinesiology could be your helping hand,

Our highly trained and registered kinesiologists are able to assist you, as an individual, in taking back your life.

Only you can heal yourself. But with the unique approach of muscle monitoring, we are able to hand you the tools to change the patterns behind your actions, and replace them with more appropriate ones.

With our holistic approach we are able to explore the bio-chemical, emotional, mental and physical aspects of your life.

  • Kinesiology is a completely non-invasive, gentle approach to healing.
  • Kinesiology offers a tool for self exploration, helping ucover stumbling blocks in your life so as to reinstate positive flow.
  • Kinesiology helps you seek out the original source of your disease, finding healing from the inside out.
  • Kinesiology is all about homeostasis; bringing all systems in the body into balance, on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.
  • Kinesiology works with your own body’s innate intelligence helping you regain a sense of perspective.
  • Kinesiology sees pain as a message from the body. To relieve the pain, we must uncover all contributing factors and address them.